Rotary Local Heroes

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Interviews with Colin Dunn, every Friday 09:00-12:00


10th June 2016 (Gavin Bell, Steve Goodchild and Jesse Edwards)

8th July 2016 (Heather Austin, Daryl Dobson and Helen Best)

14th October 2016 (Kristy McBain, Mandi Stevenson and Wayne Matthews)

28th October 2016 (Tim Shepherd, Rob Bain and Anthony Basford)

7th October 2016 (Peter Moore, John Pelling and Daryl Dobson)

11th November 2016 (Margaret Hetherington, Jan Southcott and Peter Buggy/Christine Welsh)

23rd September 2016 (Sue Cleverley, Liam O’Duibhir and Jenny Robb)

9th September 2016 (Ted/Rosie Young, Graham Brown and Jill Goodchild/Sue Birks)

18th November 2016 (Nick Hoynes, Julian Webb and Michelle Collins/Michelle Pettigrove)

25th November 2016 (Todd Weibe, Jon Oakes and James Smith)

2nd December 2016 (Paul Morris, Ryan Clarke and Alexandra Seddon)

9th December 2016 (Gordon Matthews, Richard Jones and Dianne Hinde)

16th December 2016 Lynne Kidman/Vicki Hambling, Janet Brandon and Ron Finneran)


27nd January 2017 (Leanne Barnes, Allan Elton and Wayne Tuckfield)

3rd February 2017 (Les Stahl, Helen Ellwood and Jenny Symons)

17th February 2017 (John Moffatt, Paul Dion and John Moulton)

24th February 2017 (Lynne Koerbin, Paul Pincini and Mandy Richardson)

3rd March 2017 (John Hanley, Michelle Arrowsmith and Malcolm Brandon)

10th March 2017 (Ken Vatcher, Garry Hetherington and Lyndon Lewis/David Harrington)

24th March 2017 (Libby Weir, Keith McColl and Peter Lacey)

7th April 2017 (Steve Goodchild, Greg Whitby and Chris Sparks)

14th April 2017 (David Wriedt, Jeanette Coplin and Daryl Dobson)

21st April 2017 (Bernard Shea, Jack Dickenson and Tony Toussaint)

28th April 2017 (Nat Kirby, Neil Rankin and Jeff & David Willis)

5th May 2017 (Robyn Bain and Melanie Leach)

12th May 2017 (Amber Little/Sam Roberts/Sandy Glass/Loretta Walsh (Spectrum Theatre) and Dave Sparkes)

19th May 2017 (Gai Byrne/Brad Barker, Glenda Guest, Liz Wheeler/Shane Thornberry)

26th May 2017 (Steven Dovey, Peter Mitchell and Steve Centra, Wendy Mockler and two students from Lumen Christi College)

2nd June 2017 (Phil Smith/Sandy Spain (Bendigo Bank), Dane Waites/Jamie Klemm and Shane Grace)

9th June 2017 (Elizabeth Prosser, Beth Moore and Stephen James)

16th June 2017 (Don Bretherton, Christine Mabbott and Brian Ahearn/Jim Hinckley

23rd June 2017 (Karen Wright, Robyn Rosenfeldt and John Blay)

30th June 2017 (Patricia Skitt, Melissa Pouliot and Dr Jim Shields)

7th July 2017 (Craig Smith, Julie Novotny & Glenn Cotter)

14th July 2017 (Anthony Osborne, Bill DeJong and Libby Hepburn)

21st July 2017 (Clinton Pryor, Steve Goodchild & Ron Finneran and Theo Demetrio)

28th July 2017 (Mandy Siegel, Doug Reckord and Daniel Strickland)

4th August 2017 (Noel Trevaskis, Cliff Scarlett & Colin Dunn)

11th August 2017 (Gavin Bell, Neil Austin and Andrew McManus)

18th August 2017 (Michelle Pettigrove, Paul Zella, Ken Vatcher and Peter Reid)

25th August 2017 (Sarah Lam, Dr Dorothea Bonney & Sharon Bruce)

1st September 2017 (Snr Con Sarah Bancroft, David Francis & Matt Sierp)

15th September 2017 (Samantha Avitaia, John Verhelst & Chris Nichols)

22nd September 2017 (Steve Keogh, Michaela Pascalutti & Daniel Cole, Kelly Jurd)

29th September 2017 (Andy Willis, Lisa Williams & Janet Maughan)

6th October 2017 (Paul Coker, John Hanley & Stephen Leek)

13th October 2017 (Chris Branson, Olwen Morris & Gerry Ford)

20th October 2017 (David Boag, Angela Hijjas & Ken Vatcher)

27th October 2017 (Fleur Dwyer, Alan Moyes & Lynn Davies)

3rd November 2017 (Yalli Arnold, Chris Bird & Harley Jenkins)

10th November 2017 (Sue Chancellor, Eve O’Brien and Liz Scott)

17th November 2017 (David Buckley, Dennis Parkes & Amanda Midlam)

24th November 2017 (Gordon Beattie, John Dawson & David Barrie)

1st December 2017 (Tony Freeman, Megan Luhrs & Sarah Abrahams)